How To Login To The Client Portal

Login to your account in the Client Portal

Client Portal Login Page:

Client Portal Login screenshot


Enter the email that is associated with your account (the email address your invoices are sent to) and your Client Portal password. This is a different password than your cPanel password. Your email address is used as a username because it's a unique series of characters that most people can remember, so it's one less login you need to memorize or keep track of.

Clicking the box next to "Remember Me" will save your username (email address) as a cookie on your computer. Depending on your browser and it's settings, you can also save your password, so it doesn't have to be entered each time.

If you've forgotten your password (and don't worry, it happens to the best of us!), simply click the password reset link and a new temporary one will be emailed to you. The temporary password will only be good for two (2) hours from the time it is sent.

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