First of all, what is an addon domain?

An addon domain is a domain that is pointed to a directory, or folder, in your account, but looks the same to any web user as any other domain/URL they visit. Before the addon domain will work, you must have it registered with a registrar and set the DNS settings to point to our servers.

How does it work?

With the Addon domain feature in cPanel you can create a separate domain next to your main domain on your account. The HTML contents of a subdomain goes into a subfolder of the /public_html/ folder in your account. Every addon domain also creates a subdomain. An Addon is basically a subdomain that can also be accessed by the full domain. So for the visitor it is transparent, because they only see the full domain in the URL bar.

In other words, it's a secondary account set-up to use the same account's disk space. Think of it as adding a second beroom to a one bedroom house.

So if you would add a domain named and your main domain is, cPanel creates a subdomain called The contents which goes in the /public_html/kat/ directory will be visible via your browser under: AND

You can create POP mail accounts with and also the FTP can be accessed with (user for FTP should be

Make sure that you also update the nameservers for your addon domain at your registrar with the same nameservers as for your main domain (see welcome e-mail), unless you registered or transferred your domain registration to us.

How to add them?

In the box labeled Domains you will see an icon labeled as Addon Domains. Click it.

On the next page there will be 3 boxes labeled as:

New Domain Name: Enter the domain name, i.e.:
Subdomain/FTP Usernamename: cPanel will automatically fill this in for you. You can change the username if you like.
Document Root: cPanel will automatically complete this for you.
Password: Chose a strong password. cPanel will "rate" your password's strength. There is an option to have a secure password generated for you. This will also be your FTP password.

You can also upload files to the Addon folder in the public_html directory with your main FTP account username/password.

Lastly, click the button that reads as Add Domain! This will take you to a new page which will tell you that you have successfully created an addon domain. If the domain is already registered with a registrar and the DNS settings are setup correctly then it will be working within 24-72 hours.

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